Karmel Preparatory School was established on the 26th August 1998. The proprietress Mrs T. K. Dabi and her husband Mr C. O Dabi had a common vision of establishing a Day Care Centre. But as fate would have it, God turned it into a school. In a speech to the board of governors and some guests they declared their intention to establish a school, as God had led them. The school was then called Mount Carmel Preparatory School, with special reference to Mount Carmel where Elijah called down fire from heaven. The Management later adopted the name Karmel Preparatory School when it was discovered that there was a duplication of Mount Carmel in the Lagos State Ministry of Education’s list of approved schools.
The first set of staff resume work on 9th September, 1998 with Mrs Doris Bonsu as the first Headteacher. The school opened its door for the first set of seven (7) pupils at Number 3, Abdulsalam Street, Obawole in a rented three bedroom bungalow on the 28th September, 1998.
The school under the dynamic leadership of Mrs Doris Bonsu grew rapidly and within that session additional classrooms were constructed with planks. It became imperative for Mrs Bonsu to join her husband who had relocated to Ghana.

Mr S. Apau-Boakye took over as Headteacher on the 1st August 1999. Since then Karmel Preparatory has grown to be a household name in Obawole and it’s environs.
In 2002 the school acquired two and half plots of land at 14, Oremeji Street, Obawole to construct a permanent site. The construction work started in 2003 and on 24th September, 2004 the school move to its permanent site.
The school had been consistent in maintaining a very high academic standard since its inception. The school was approved by the Lagos State Ministry of Education in August 2004 after a series of inspections by the officers of the Inspectorate Division and the Local Education District (L.E.D).
The secondary school, Karmel College was established in 2006. This is in consonance with the school’s mission of providing quality wholesome education for its pupils.
Presently, both the Nursery/Primary and the Secondary Schools are located in a purpose built school complex, at 65/67 Old Akute Road, Obawole.