The school offers a wide range of subjects at the nursery and primary level which are structured basically in line with revised National Policy on Education.  This is designed to give each pupil a broad-based orientation that will enable him/her to adequately prepare to face the challenges of secondary school education.

        Nursery                                   Primary

1.      Literacy                                   1.      English Language

2.      Numeracy                               2.      English Literature

3.      Science                                    3.      Mathematics

4.      Social Norms                          4.      Basic Science and Technology

5.      Language Development       5.      Social Studies

6.      News and Conversation       6.      Civic Education

7.      Creative Arts                          7.      Agricultural Science

8.      Rhymes                                   8.      Christian Religious Studies

9.      Phonics                                   9.      Vocational Aptitude

10.    French                                    10.    Verbal Aptitude

11.    Practical Life                         11.    Quantitative Aptitude

                                                          12.    Information and Communication Technology

                                                          13.    Music (Theory and Practical)

                                                          14.    French

                                                          15.    Yoruba

                                                          16.    Cultural and Creative Art

                                                     17. Physical and Health Education

Our nursery curriculum is Montessori oriented and begins with introduction of phonic sounds of all the alphabet and practical life activities.