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The school uniform is compulsory for all pupils and should be worn on school days. White shirt on check shorts(boys), white blouse on check skirt(girls) on MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS, and sky blue shirt on check shorts (boys) and sky blue blouse on check skirt (girls) on TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS. Sportswear is be worn on WEDNESDAY only.

Black shoes and white socks are the only approved footwear for all pupils, both boys and girls. Sneakers and trainers are worn on sports days
Sportswear comes in different colours to portray the colours of the four houses. Each pupil should belong to a house.
The school has its own approved and recommended cardigan which should be worn over the school uniform.
Girls are to plait or weave their hair. NO WEAVE ON, WIGS OR PERMING IS ALLOWED. Boys are to cut their hair low, bushy hair will not be entertained.
All pupils are to appear neat and well dressed at all times.

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